Empowerment Through Partnership: Join the Movement for Women in Plumbing and Piping with 2024 Sponsorships


Empowerment Through Partnership:  

Join the Movement for Women in Plumbing and Piping with 2024 Sponsorships  

AURORA, CO – MARCH 26, 2024 As Women’s History Month comes to an end, Women in Plumbing and Piping (WiPP) is thrilled to announce the availability of sponsorships for 2024, providing organizations with a unique opportunity to contribute to the advancement of women in the plumbing and piping industries. As Partners, WiPP is committed to collaboratively shaping the future of these industries by co-creating initiatives, driving positive change, and amplifying impact through trust, transparency, and shared commitment to common goals. 

WiPP Sponsorship: Building a Group with Purpose 
WiPP Sponsorships offer a unique chance to participate in the establishment and growth of a purpose-driven community for women in the trades, providing a platform to both witness and contribute to transformative change within these industries.

Lynn Wise, Founding Advisor of WiPP and Owner of Contractor In Charge, describes the Founding Sponsorship as a ground floor opportunity to help build a group with purpose for women in the trades. She emphasizes WiPP as a great place to experience and contribute to change in these industries. 

Melissa Hazelwood, Director of Social Impact at Ferguson, echoes this sentiment by emphasizing the unparalleled timing for women to enter skilled trades. She highlights that, “With the recent federal investments in upgrading our country’s infrastructure, available training and just the sheer volume of career openings – the opportunities for women are limitless.”  

Building on this optimism, Chris Carrier, Senior Director of Marketing at RWC, expresses enthusiasm for engaging with WiPP. “We believe this is the beginning of an important, long-lasting partnership.”, says Carrier. He emphasizes the urgency of supporting and advancing women in the trades by citing the statistic that women only make up 1.1% of plumbers, pipefitters and steamfitters in the U.S., concluding that “It is imperative we work to empower and advance women in the trade on a national scale.”  

Collectively, these statements underscore the critical importance and timely opportunity for organizations to join WiPP in empowering and advancing women in the plumbing and piping trades. There are only 3 opportunities left to join at the Founding Sponsor level in 2024 so, don’t wait to reach out!  

WiPP Initiatives: Mentoring, Networking, Education, and Recognition 
WiPP's 4 pillars include: 
  • Mentoring: Connecting women seeking guidance with experienced professionals to achieve excellence in the industry. 
  • Networking: Establishing opportunities for women to create strong, supportive networks, gaining knowledge, advancing careers, and reaching their full potential. 
  • Education: Providing high-quality learning opportunities for business skills, confidence building, and self-advocacy to supplement technical expertise and advance careers. 
  • Recognition: Celebrating achievements and successes through an online community and social media, with scholarships available for women pursuing careers in plumbing and piping.

Through the four pillars above, we are able to influence and impact the lives of thousands of women working in the plumbing and piping industries.  

Partnering with WiPP: Key Benefits for Your Organization 
Partnering with WiPP offers organizations several advantages: 
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Demonstrates a commitment to diversity and inclusion, fostering creativity, enhancing problem-solving, and enriching workplace culture. 
  • Access to a Larger Talent Pool: Taps into a broader talent pool by encouraging and empowering women to pursue careers in the trades. 
  • Enhanced Reputation: Positively impacts an organization's reputation by actively championing diversity and social progress. 
  • Improved Recruitment and Retention: Attracts potential employees who value inclusive cultures, leading to higher retention rates and reduced turnover costs. 
  • Industry/Thought Leadership: Positions the organization as a leader in the industry's social responsibility and equality efforts, garnering recognition and respect. 

With WiPP, the possibilities for collaboration and creative benefits are endless. 

What to Expect in 2024: A-La-Carte Sponsorship Structure 

Unlock new opportunities for impact with WiPP in 2024. Our innovative A-La-Carte structure empowers your organization to craft a sponsorship package perfectly aligned with your objectives. With flexibility at its core, you have the freedom to select the benefits that matter most to you. 

You’ll choose the perks that best suit your organization's needs, whether it's increased visibility, exclusive networking opportunities, or thought leadership exposure. Then, we'll work together to curate a sponsorship tier that maximizes your impact and aligns seamlessly with your goals. 

Join us in shaping the future of the plumbing and piping industries. Reach out today to discover how you can become a part of this exciting journey with WiPP.  https://www.womeninplumbandpipe.org/sponsorship-and-partner-opportunities   

About WiPP 
Women in Plumbing and Piping, founded in 2022, is driven by visionary women committed to creating a thriving community for women in the plumbing and piping industries. WiPP members are advancing the industry to new levels of excellence by supporting and promoting the contributions of women as an essential component in shaping the future of these trades. The association is headquartered in suburban Denver, and its website is womeninplumbandpipe.org. 
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