Meet Your 2024 Mentors!

2024 Mentorship Program Host & WiPP Founding Advisor:

Lara Beltz 

VP, Co-Owner & Marketing Manger | Beltz Home Service Co.

I spent 8 years in the US Navy as a Hospital Corpsman, among them, working in the emergency room and running EMS calls on the island of Sicily. I left the Navy and got my degree in graphic design, which I used to work in a variety of industries and businesses. I met my husband and immediately took over his minuscule marketing efforts. For the last 15 years we have worked on the business together as a team and have supported each other in our unique roles. We have taken our business from three employees all the way to 40 and have driven our values and expectations along the way. I did not intend on getting into the trades but would never leave now. The trades have empowered me in ways no one could have predicted.

Amy Zucchi

Director of Marketing | Matco Norca

What motivated you to become a mentor in this program? To be able to give back to people in the industry. I have had a lot of experience and I love sharing what I have learned.

What do you hope the mentees will take away from their experience in this program? To be empowered to continue to grow in their career and in life. NOT TO SETTLE.

Mariza Gutierrez 

Plant Manager | NIBCO

Born in Monterrey Mexico, third of 5 children, got my CPA degree and master's in human resources, lived one year in Toronto Canada to learn ESL, worked in one of the big five CPA firms when graduated from college - Price Waterhouse, and when NIBCO de Reynosa started operations came to be part of the startup of the plant in 1986. And later in 1995, participated in the startup of the Poland plant.I started as an accountant, and soon became the Finance Manager, and when graduated from my master's, was promoted to Administrative Manager with broader responsibilities and recently was promoted to the Plant Manager position.While working as Administrative Manager, I had the opportunity to work very closely with Alice A. Martin, which was a game changer for me; learned about empowerment and leadership.I have been recognized locally as professional woman of the year, most powerful women in the industry, I have been recognized for my achievements in wellness, and also in leadership and philanthropy with the Alice Martin award. I have been Finance professor at the Tamaulipas State University - where NIBCO is located, and I am member of a local Rotary Club, Professional Women's Association, and part of the board in a technical University, to closely monitor market needs and school offerings. I have 7 nieces and nephews who I love.

Heidi Lemberger

National EPC Quotations Coordinator | Ferguson

What motivated you to become a mentor in this program? I strongly believe in paying forward the mentorship that I have received. It's so valuable to be able to be mentored, but especially in this industry for women. I am happy to give of my time, experience, and resources to other women who are motivated to build success in their careers.

How do you plan to inspire and empower the mentees to reach their full potential? While being practical, I am a quite optimistic person. We can acknowledge and own the challenges, and also look for the opportunity in them and how to take advantage of those opportunities. I think we always have options and opportunities to better ourselves - sometimes we simply need to shift our focus. If I can help someone adjust their glasses in order to see the blueprint, I will feel satisfied I have provided the best mentorship I can.

Ken Midgett 

Plumbing Market Director | Interplay Learning

Ken Midgett, has been in the plumbing and heating industry for over four decades. He has worked in every facet of the plumbing and heating industry. He has owned two successfulPHCC businesses, is a licensed Master Plumber, a two-time national award-winning educator for plumbing and heating CTE classrooms, with a 100 percent placement into the industry for all eligible seniors from his program. Ken was noted throughout the CTE industry for the inclusion of non-traditional workers in his classroom, including young women. He has placed several of those young women in the workforce. Ken is passionate about the skilled trades and he continues to stay active in PHCCNA and PHCCPA. Ken is the current president of his local PHCCLV association. This role has allowed him to continue mentoring and coaching young apprentices in the field. He is currently employed at Interplay Learning as the Plumbing Market Director.

Lindsay Munoz

Quotations Specialist V | Ferguson

What do you hope to gain from the WiPP Mentorship Program? To offer encouragement, support and perspective to other women. I have been through a great many things, and I have learned a great deal from it all. I want to be an advocate and a "soft place to land" rather than their competition. I don't want them to feel judged as they make their way along their path.

What do you hope the mentees will take away from their experience in this program? That not everyday will be roses, but that it is the work and the positive relationships that matter. Not all relationships will feed you; focus hardest on those that do but maintain civil and appropriate communication and behaviors toward all those that do not. The importance of ethics and integrity even if you feel like you are the only one who cares.

Barbara Lynch 

Sr Advanced Quality Manager | NIBCO

I am originally from New England, educated in Engineering at Boston University. Then, I arrived in the Mid-west after completing college and basically set down roots. My work experience includes engineering and quality in manufacturing, electronics, automotive, communications industries. I am skilled in ISO standards, metrology, testing and auditing. I have a professional Lead Auditor credential and certified by American Society for Quality as a Manager of Quality and Operational Excellence. I am passionate about keeping kids interested in science. I judge the local science fairs, up through the regional at Notre Dame, and judge First Lego League Robotics. I am very proud that my company asked me to participate as a community Business Partner helping in curriculum design at our local high school. I have been a past board member/officer of the local Library and Robotics non profit. I am currently president of my local American Society for Quality chapter. I have been the only woman in the room for so much of my career‚ the only engineer, or auditor, or supervisor, that I want to keep the girls involved in pursuing a technical career. I know it's changing slowly, but I want to be sure everyone has a chance! Many, many years experience, and very eager to offer a helping hand with my knowledge!

Ashley Blankenship

Senior Sales Support Representative | Ferguson

I started working in the Plumbing and HVAC business in 2013. It was supposed to be a part-time job to earn income during my Cosmetology apprenticeship. 10 years later this PART-TIME job turned into my career. I love it more everyday. As a self-motivated performer, I aspire to lead and move others to achieve maximum performance and exceed targets within the Plumbing industry.

Robyn Brookhart 

President & CEO | Liberty Pumps

Brookhart began her career in the pump industry in 1997 at her family’s business in the small town of Bergen, NY. After graduating with a marketing degree and beginning her MBA (with a concentration in manufacturing), she took a marketing position at Liberty Pumps. Driven to challenge herself, Robyn took on several positions at the company in order to learn as much as she could about the business. After working in Marketing, she spent time in customer service, project management, plant supervision, and manufacturing management. As President & CEO Robyn values Liberty’s members, corporate culture, and the opportunity to serve as the company’s leader. Robyn currently serves on the Liberty Pumps Board of Directors, is a member of ASA’s Women in Industry, and is a member of YPO (Young Presidents Organization). She’s also an active member in her community and is dedicated to fundraising and helping out at the local community center

LaToya Carraway 

Technical Staff / Plumber / Inspector | International Code Council (ICC)

LaToya Carraway is a member of the International Code Council’s Technical Services team. She serves as Secretariat for the (IMC)- Mechanical Code Committee and (IFGC) Fuel Gas Code Committee in the Codes and Standards Development Division within the Central Regional Office. LaToya joined the Code Council with more than ten years of Municipal Government experience and twenty years of combined experience as a licensed City of Chicago Plumber, a State of Illinois Plumber/ Plumbing Inspector, Cross Connection Control Device Inspector, ICC Property Maintenance and Housing Inspector, and ICC Residential Energy Code/ Plan Examiner. She also served on the Z223 Accredited Standards Committee on National Fuel Gas Code. LaToya earned an Associate of Science Degree in Construction Supervision from Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She also earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Management and a Master of Science Degree in Management- Organizational Leadership Concentration from Calumet College of St. Joseph in Whiting, Indiana. She is currently finishing her Doctoral Degree in Healthcare Administration, “The Plumber Protects the Health of Our Nation”, to commence May 4, 2024.

Jessica Young 

Owner/Office Manager | Young Plumbing Services

What motivated you to become a mentor in this program? I came into the trades with ZERO clue on anything to do with plumbing or business ownership. Through alot of self education, but really through the amazing help of others, I have grown to have a commanding knowledge of business management, leadership, what I call 'theoretical plumbing', and other aspects of running a plumbing company. I want to pay it forward!

What do you hope the mentees will take away from their experience in this program? I would hope mentees would leave feeling like they have a safe space to discuss the stresses and cares as well as the joy and achievements that they experience. Hopefully, they would leave each experience feeling empowered to take on the next challenge.


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