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As Founding Partners, we are collaboratively shaping the future of the plumbing and piping industries, co-creating initiatives and programs that drive positive change, and amplifying our impact. Our partnerships are built on trust, transparency, and a shared commitment to our common goals, enabling us to expand our reach and engage with diverse communities.

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"The WiPP Founding Sponsorship is a ground floor opportunity to help build a group with purpose for women in the trades. WIPP is great place to experience and help change in our industries."

Lynn Wise | Contractor In Charge

"Service Nation is proud to be a founding partner and sponsor of Women in Plumbing and Piping because as an organization we believe that supporting and empowering women in our traditionally male-dominated industries not only promotes gender equality but also contributes to a stronger and more diverse workforce."

- Carol Longacre | Service Nation



Partnering with WiPP can benefit your organization in several ways: 

  • Diversity and Inclusion: By collaborating with a group focused on increasing female representation in the industry, your organization demonstrates a commitment to diversity and inclusion. Embracing diverse perspectives fosters creativity, enhances problem-solving, and enriches workplace culture.
  • Access to a Larger Talent Pool: The plumbing and piping industry has historically been male-dominated. There are less than 2.5% women in plumbing and less than 4% women in the trades. Partnering with a group that encourages and empowers women to pursue careers in the trades opens doors to a broader talent pool, helping your organization tap into qualified and skilled individuals who might otherwise be overlooked.
  • Enhanced Reputation: Supporting initiatives that promote gender equality and empowerment can positively impact your organization's reputation. Customers, clients, and partners are likely to view your organization more favorably for actively championing diversity and social progress.
  • Improved Recruitment and Retention: Embracing diversity can make your organization more attractive to potential employees, particularly those who value workplaces with inclusive cultures. Moreover, female employees may feel more supported and valued, leading to higher retention rates and reduced turnover costs.
  • Industry Leadership: By actively participating in initiatives that promote gender diversity, your organization can position itself as a leader in the industry's social responsibility and equality efforts, garnering recognition and respect from peers and stakeholders.


Implementing a program to effectively connect women seeking guidance with experienced professionals willing to share their expertise with others in support of achieving excellence in the industry. 


Establishing opportunities for women to connect and create strong, supportive networks of peers with the ultimate goal of gaining knowledge, advancing their careers and reaching their full potential. 


Creating high-quality learning opportunities for business skills, confidence building, and self-advocacy to supplement technical expertise and advance careers. 


We celebrate women in plumbing and piping and recognize achievements and successes through our online community and social media. We encourage and provide scholarships to women who are pursuing careers in these fields.

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