Fluidmaster Leads the Way as a Founding Sponsor for WiPP



Breaking Barriers, Building Futures: Driving Women Towards a Career in Plumbing and Piping

AURORA, CO – September 13, 2023 Women in Plumbing & Piping (WiPP), a 501(c)3 project dedicated to fostering the growth and empowerment of women in plumbing and piping industries nationwide, is thrilled to announce a landmark partnership with Fluidmaster, the #1 toilet parts brand in the world.

WiPP's mission revolves around creating a dynamic and inclusive community that empowers women in plumbing and piping industries, fostering their personal and professional growth while providing the support and resources essential for their success.

The plumbing trade is very important for Fluidmaster and a necessary and needed skill for society, that unfortunately has seen a decline and a shortage in the workforce over the years. Fluidmaster is delighted to support women especially in joining this trade.

“Fluidmaster will work with WiPP in encouraging women to enter the plumbing trade where they are underrepresented. By offering scholarships and other initiatives, Fluidmaster will work with WiPP to make sure that women understand the benefits of being a plumber and the pride that comes with this trade”, says Corinne AndersonSchoepe, Chief Brand Officer of Fluidmaster.

Built on foundational pillars of mentorship, education, networking, and recognition, WiPP is steadfast in its commitment to advancing workforce development within the plumbing and piping sectors. To support these foundational pillars, WiPP has established an online community platform to recognize women in these fields, promoting their career growth, enabling peer connections, and empowering their contributions to the industry.

“This collaboration holds immense significance in our ongoing mission to empower and advance women within the plumbing and piping industries nationwide. Fluidmaster’s scholarship programs not only bridges the gender gap but also emphasizse the invaluable role women play in the plumbing industry. Together, WiPP and Fluidmaster aim to create a more dynamic and inclusive landscape, where women can thrive personally and professionally while contributing significantly to the plumbing and piping sectors.” says executive director, Kim Gill

Fluidmaster’s Founding Sponsorship marks a milestone in the journey towards achieving gender parity in plumbing and piping, serving as an exemplary model for other organizations to follow. 

WiPP is currently in the midst of a membership drive and actively seeking exclusive partnerships with associations and corporations to further its mission.

For membership information, please visit: womeninplumbandpipe.org/levels-benefits

About WiPP: Women in Plumbing and Piping, established in 2022, is driven by women seeking to create a community of connection and empowerment for women in the plumbing and piping industries to thrive personally and professionally. WiPP members are bringing the industry to a new level of excellence by supporting and promoting the contributions of women as an essential component to the future of these trades. The association is based in suburban Denver, and its website is womeninplumbandpipe.org.


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